Pete Rhodes 

"I look at thousands of websites a year - we all do. But when I sat down to write mine, I realised I had absolutely no idea what to actually include!


By hook and crook, I managed to form some sentences, and eventually I felt like it was finished. I quickly learnt that proofreading your own work is not effective and, in fact, for me it wasn't even possible. Writing is not a skill I have and I just couldn't find the energy to re-do any of it.


Thankfully Carrie was in touch right when I needed help. What I recall from our first meeting was only that she listened. The Row North Atlantic project is so important to me and such a big part of mine and my family’s life I have so much to say about it - to anyone! Carrie understood this quickly and let me pour out what I was trying to convey on the website.


What came back was a truly refined version of my writing - the one I had imagined before I started. It had a consistency and professional air that was way beyond what I'd hoped for. Carrie went above and beyond with the work she did for the project.

Once the website was published, the help Carrie gave me on media, marketing and contacting sponsors was invaluable. On my way to a sponsor meeting I was subconsciously running through what Carrie and I had discussed, and when the points came up in conversation, the answers came out completely naturally - and landed me my first major sponsor!


Since then the quality of the website copy has shown its value time and again. Most recently when my website was discovered by the CEO of a major company in Aberdeen, whom after reading everything on the site (his words) they agreed to be the Figurehead Sponsor for the project!"

"Having first met Carrie at university, we’d been out of contact for more than a decade. When starting my own company, a mutual friend mentioned that Carrie was launching a marketing communications business. Since then, she has been a great asset in helping me promote my work, which has included her writing press releases for industry magazines, local media outlets and engaging with them to best effect…most latterly on multi-million pound theme park and leisure developments. The media coverage has resulted in several new potential client contacts and increased my company’s profile. I thoroughly recommend her.”

Dan Matthewman

"I approached Carrie when I was writing a blog series on GDPR compliance for small businesses. There were many points I was trying to cover and I needed an objective point of view. I was worried that some of it would be too technical and it needed to be understood by your average business owner.

Carrie reassured me that the content was good and helped to make it suitable for a blog series and accessible to my intended reader, as well as pointing out sections that needed development or clarification.

I am so glad I used Carrie to edit and proofread my project. Her services gave me the confidence to post the blog series and promote it in time for the introduction of GDPR. Thank you - I look forward to working with you again."

Merewyn Sayers

Merewyn Sayers

“I’m delighted with the quality of written work supplied by Carrie. It has brought our blog to life with a great series of thought-provoking pieces for our web visitors to enjoy.”

Rebecca Greenwood




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